Tomatin 15 Year Old American Oak Casks Single Malt Review

It's been a long time since I've had a Tomatin. Going on about 7 years in fact and to be honest I remember very little about it. I was in a restaurant in Spain and after finishing dinner was in the mood for a digestif. The single malt selection was limited to say the least but the black and red label of the Tomatin 12 year old stood out and that was the dram I plumped for. And that's as far as the memories go, which I assume can mean that I wasn't exactly blown away by the resulting pour.

It's a brand I've always wanted to explore more, along with Tomintoul just because it has a wacky name. But due to the essentially unlimited whisky options placed before us and limited financial firepower, I just haven't got round to following up on my plan. Other brands and distilleries have just taken precedence.

I do plan to put things right with both aforementioned distilleries by buying some samples packs of both so I can do vertical tastings and gain a little insight into their associated DNA.

To get the Tomatin ball rolling though we have a Travel Retail offering on show today. Yes, Travel Retail again. Not a successful hunting ground so far but I don't give up hope that one day something interesting may appear from the airport lounge.

Matured in refill bourbon casks (make that well used) this is bottled at 46% with no mention of being non-chill filtered or natural colour although looking at it I am inclined to believe it is natural colour. This costs €53 from for a 700ml bottle.




Sawn wood and toasted oak. Becomes quite fresh after the wood - green apples, unripe peach, vanilla, honey and a touch of cinnamon bark. Water brings the orchard fruit to the fore along with the malt and some beeswax.


Sweet on arrival - honey baked apples, poached pears then overtaken with spice. Clove, cinnamon and black pepper. Water brings little more to the party.


Surprisingly short with dry, slightly bitter oak spiciness the overriding note.


One word - unremarkable. Travel retail again slaps the customer in the face with the glove of disappointment. This is just a very one dimensional whisky that rewards little for the outlay. The nose is okay but the palate is just plain boring. Not one I would recommend investigating. You can get this kind of experience for much less cash...not that I'm advocating that either.

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