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The Silkie Whiskey Round 2

Originally published 30/06/2020 Redemption. Something that we all at one time or another have sought or are seeking. We all make mistakes and are therefore glad of a second chance to put things right. Whether it’s failing your driving test, forgetting to do an assignment or making a bad first impression (you know...coming across a bit Ralph Malph rather than The Fonz), we all hope that we will be allowed to rectify things and set the record straight. N ow on Malt, we seem to have built up a reputation for being a bit cantankerous, mouthy and well...opinionated. Not everyone likes the cut of our jib.... or our scores. I can imagine that many a whisky producer has butterflies in their stomachs when they know that one of their creations is going to end up here on Malt. You may find this remarkable, but I have been known to hand out the odd low score. I have to admit that I find handing out low scores difficult, I don’t enjoy it. I would much rather be treated to a feast of above-average b

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