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Redbreast Dream Casks

Originally published 14/10/2019 The time was exactly 2:58pm on May 27th of this year. I was sitting in a Circle K filling station just off the N7, eating a maple pecan slice with a large cup of coffee. I was staring at my phone feet tapping, legs twitching in eager anticipation. 3 pm. Boom! I was in and the chase was on. 'Right, the email said I could buy two bottles....but I can only pick one! Ummm...go back to that start and try again.....okay, grand...working so far....BINGO!' Two bottles in the basket and time to checkout. Credit card details input....payment accepted, confirmation email received. It's 3:03pm and I'm €780 lighter but I have two Redbreast Dream Cask 20-year-olds bagged, one for my friend Paddy and one for myself. My journey to Waterford for the Waterford Whiskey Societies Green Spot tasting can continue. Just another 2 hours to go. Little did I know of the furore kicking off in the virtual realm, as I drove the motorway to Waterford. By the time I m

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