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Going Blind

Originally published 24/07/2020 Today, I’ll delve into the murky world of blind tasting. This is an avenue of tasting that I don’t actually partake in much. Not through choice per se, more lack of opportunity. You see not many people run blind tastings here in Ireland. Even if you attend a whiskey club in all likelihood, you’ll get to see what you are consuming beforehand. S o, what’s the big difference between knowing what you are tasting and not knowing what you are tasting? Well, it removes prejudice and bias. That’s the theory anyway. It seems that we as a species are drawn to shiny things and are a sucker for packaging. I suppose that why brands invest huge amounts in branding (unless you’re Benromach... what’s with that new look?) because we can judge quality superficially... fancy branding, check. That’s a solid 2 out of 10 already! Then, of course, if we have had a good experience with a brand previously, we may already be giving its new release an immediate head start because

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