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Hazelburn 8 year old and Hazelburn 10 year old Single Malts

Deanston 9 year old Bordeaux Wine Cask, 9 year old Brandy Finish & 15 year old Marsala Finish

Blended Malts: Shackleton Legend, Campbeltown Loch Batch 1, North Star Spirits Supersonic Mach 2

Yamazaki & Hakushu Distiller's Reserve and 12 year old

Noble Rebel: Orchard Outburst, Hazelnut Harmony & Smoke Symphony

The Irish Review: Foxes Bow, Hinch Craft & Casks Imperial Stout finish, Lir Green Crest

Dornoch Distillery: Casks 1, 2, 3, 12 & 16

Dunville's: VR single cask 162 19 year old, 20 year old and 18 year old Port Mourant finish

Wild Turkey Longbranch, 101 & Rare Breed

Two Stacks Apple Brandy Cask, Cherry Brandy Cask and Polaris 1.2

Killowen Bonded International Series - Belgrove Oat & Rye

Kilkerran 12 year old and 16 year old Single Malts

The World Whisky Review: Three Ships 12 year old, High Coast Timmer and Starward Fortis

An Assortment of Cadenhead's Irish Malts

Bushmills 25 year old & 30 year old single malts

SMWS 150.1 ‘Let’s Go West’

The Scotch Review: Benromach Contrasts Peat Smoke, Port Charlotte Heavily Peated & The Octave Bunnahabhain

Bushmills Causeway Collection - 2012 Pomerol, 2002 Vermouth & 2000 Port

Hinch 19 year old Château De La Ligne Grande Reserve Single Malt

Cotswolds Signature Single Malt