Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 Year Old Single Malt Review

Second in my Glenfiddich vertical is the 14 Year Old Rich Oak expression. The Rich Oak contents have been matured for at least 14 years in ex-bourbon casks and then has a further two separate finishes before bottling. First it spends 12 weeks in new spanish oak casks before being transferred to new american oak casks for finish number two for a period of 6 weeks. 

So how does all this oak affect the fruity Glenfiddich distillate? Read on!


Dark Amber


House fruitiness comes through, pears still very much to the fore but with a much more dominant aroma of oak and spices.


Vanilla & honey sweetness as expected from the long maturation in bourbon barrels, still fruity with a hint of heat and nutmeg


Medium - nutty, the green fruits linger too before giving way to the dryness and mellow spice of the oak.


A much more interesting and enjoyable experience than the standard 12 year old Glenfiddich. It is a fairly straight forward whisky, very approachable and very smooth but again not going to etch itself in your memory as a bottle to go back to again and again. I think this is a scotch that would appeal to bourbon drinkers, not as fiery as a bourbon, fruitier but with that sweet & oaky flavour profile common to bourbons. This retails for around £36 -£38 a bottle and is definitely worth the little extra over the standard 12 year old.

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