The Last Post?

Alas, the time has come to sign off, at least on this particular medium. It's been an eventful journey since I started this humble blog back in December 2016, not least being invited to write for Malt by Monsieur Whisky Rover and helping it (in my on small way) become the largest online whisky resource out there. As you know Rover and myself have since departed from the Malt family and I'll state here that it's basically a shoe in that I won't return to it again either.

So why am I canning Causeway Coast Whisky Reviews? Well for a variety of reasons.....time pressures, life events, changes in outlook....the list could go on. But in short at present I don't have the same motivation for long form writing of whisky reviews. 

That's not to say I won't be reviewing anything. It's just that my reviews will now be on Instagram only and will be very much short form.

I'll keep the site up as an archive for those that can be bothered to read it, who knows I may even resurrect the old dear in the future. But as for now, it's very much farewell from here.




  1. Sorry to see ya go, but ya gotta do what’s right for you. I may start using insta 🥴
    Hopefully see you in the flesh soon for a dram.

  2. Hi Phil, sorry to hear my friend. Always was reading your blog and enjoyed your honest opinions , but i'm sure you are doing this for a good reason. Stay safe my friend

  3. Sorry to hear Phil, 1st twitter & now here. We need some more honesty in reviews.
    Looks like I'll have to set up an Instagram account so!!!

  4. I am relatively new to the whiskey notes but your honesty and ability to describe has made you a go to source for info. Glad you are leaving an archive! Good luck with your future ventures!


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